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Coming Soon: Sound Caddy Review

(REVIEW) - Our review of the golf-specific bluetooth speaker should go live Tuesday or Wednesday. We've already heard a lot of comments from both sides - pro and con. Where do you stand on the topic of plying music on the golf course?

One GREAT feature ... Dual USB ports that are great for charging your phone while on the course.

Learn more at and check back next week for the full review.

Tour Edge Awarded Multiple 2018 Golf Digest Hot List Awards

(RELEASE) - Tour Edge announces that two more new products representing four new Tour Edge models were honored with 2018 Golf Digest Hot List awards.

The Exotics CBX fairway wood and the Hot Launch 3 Triple Combo Iron set (HL3 Hybrid, HL3 Iron-Wood and HL3 Iron) have all been added to the list of current Tour Edge clubs that have received the annual award.

These latest Hot List recipients increase the current Tour Edge in-line award winning count to 11 models.

Exotics CBX Fairway Wood - The engine of the CBX fairway wood lies within Exotics core ethos of using superior multi-materials and construction methods. A Beta Ti cup face is brazed with a Hyper Steel body to produce the perfect launch and low spin combination. The CBX design alters the club’s CG to manipulate initial launch angle and velocity, also reducing the amount of spin the ball will have on release. The precise engineering creates a spin-killing distance machine - and the proof is in the numbers. Independent testing proves that the CBX fairway wood outdistances its most popular competitors an average of over 16 yards. So far in 2018, the CBX fairway woods and hybrids have been the fastest growing on the PGA TOURS with over 30 clubs in play and eight Top 10 finishes on the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions and The clubs were in play last week in the bag of the winner of the Chubb Classic on the PGA Champions Tour.

“The CBX wood is a game-changer,” said President and Founder David Glod. “The distance gains from the independent test are phenomenal. Then we saw the spin numbers and started calling it the ‘spin-killer’ around the office. Everything has lined-up for the CBX, the design, compilation of materials, and CG location to make it our next best fairway wood.”

Exotics CBX Fairway Wood -  From the pages of Golf Digest:
The Verdict: The CB stands for "combo brazing," the technique that made Exotics fairway woods a cult favorite in 2004. The technique fuses the face to the rest of the club without welding to save weight and allow the marriage of a flexible, lightweight titanium cup face and a stability-enhancing steel body. The carbon-composite panel near the back of the sole moves the center of gravity level with the center of the face and forward to lower spin.

Loft: 13.5, 15, 16, 18
Street Price: $350

HL3 Triple Combo Iron Set - The HL3 Triple combo iron set includes two HL3 Hybrids, two HL3 Iron-Woods and three HL3 Irons; making the HL3 the most versatile set of irons on the market and a way to efficiently maximize your investment over buying the clubs individually. Distance gaps will be perfectly in tune from club to club while offering optimal launch, distance and accuracy from every distance.
“The HL3 Triple Combo set combines three different HL3 models in a perfect seven-club blend,” said Executive Vice President of Tour Edge John Craig. “The set earns classification as a maximum game improvement set due to the ease of use and added distance it provides, but it really stands out as a set that will bring efficiency and control to your golf game. It’s not so much improvement, but it’s the dramatic reduction of common mistakes that sneak into every round provided by this three club blended concept. I think that’s something that every golfer can get behind, making the HL3 Triple Combo a visionary set that every golfer should be taking a hard look at.”

HL3 Triple Combo Iron Set From the pages of Golf Digest:
The Verdict: Tour Edge applies common-sense thinking in addressing golfers' issues. By breaking the iron set into a combination of two hybrids, two hollow-body irons and three cavity-back irons, help is provided where it's needed most—in the longer clubs—and control is available in the scoring clubs. The hybrids have a maraging-steel face to generate distance, and the hollow-body middle irons have substantial weight low to assist getting those shots airborne. The 8-iron through pitching wedge are traditional cavity-backs. Plus, the price is the epitome of the word bargain.

Loft: 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 44 degrees
Street Price: Set of seven/graphite: $600

“We are proud that our products keep resonating with the testers of the Hot List,” said Tour Edge founder and club designer David Glod. “Currently, we have four fairway woods, three hybrids and iron-woods and four iron sets have now been honored by Golf Digest available to the golfing consumer.”

The Exotics CBX fairway wood and HL3 Triple Combo set (HL3 Hybrids, HL3 Iron-Woods and HL3 Irons) join the following Hot List award winners in the Tour Edge line up:
- Exotics XJ1 fairway wood – Super 9-1-1 Titanium for a much lighter head, faster ball speeds
- Exotics EX 10 fairway wood - Extremely thin Japanese high-density HT 980 steel cup face for higher COR
- Exotics EX10 beta fairway wood - Tour-preferred pear shape features one-of-a-kind SlipStream sole
- Exotics EX10 hybrid - Steel cup face is combo brazed with a 450 SS hyper-steel body to produce - Exotics legendary distance and forgiveness
- Exotics CBX forged iron set - Triple forged from Japanese S25c Carbon steel delivers softer feel and substantial forgiveness in a blade design
- Exotics CB Pro Tungsten iron set - Hollow design features a solid tungsten sole for optimal weighting and super thin variable face thickness technology
- Exotics EXd iron set - The 431 stainless steel irons feature a generous offset design for added forgiveness helping players return to square at impact

All Tour Edge Tour Hot List winners are currently available at select authorized Tour Edge retailers. To find a Tour Edge retailer near you, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

Friday, February 23, 2018

Swannies Partners with ChippoGolf, CutGolf, FlingGolf and GolfShotGPS for 2018 Party Scramble Series

Fun-Filled Golf Tournaments to be Offered at 16 Cities Across the U.S.

(Minneapolis, MN.) – Swannies – creator of stylish, comfortable and fun clothing popular among millennial golfers – announces its partnership with ChippoGolf, CutGolf, FlingGolf and GolfShotGPS to provide on-site and promotional support for the Swannies 2018 Party Scramble Series.

Sponsored by Swannies and hosted by urban golf courses around the country, each Swannies Party Scramble event follows a similar format, with teams meeting at a local brewery to enjoy pre-round drinks before being transported by party bus to the course. Upon arrival, participants play a nine-hole team scramble with three party games along the way. Scoring is a combination of results from both golf and party games.

“Though we are primarily an apparel company, our vision is much larger. We aim to change the culture of golf to make it more fun and accessible,” says Adam Iversen, Co-Founder of Swannies Apparel. “Whether you’re a novice or lifelong player, these events appeal to all by offering a no pressure, laid-back afternoon of friendly competition and comradery.”

Starting in Brea, CA on March 24, the tournament series will hit 16 cities including Chicago, Cincinnati, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Tampa, Tucson, Washington D.C. and more.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tifosi Optics Launches SWANK - New Style for Spring '18

(WATKINSVILLE, GA.) - Tifosi Optics introduces SWANK, a fun new style with features designed to perform in any situation. SWANK combines a lifestyle silhouette and a vibrant color palette with many of the same technical features found in our other high performance sports sunglasses. SWANK is sure to become a new favorite for style-conscious athletes and individuals of every generation who strive to live life at the top of their game and look great while doing it.

The Tifosi DNA gives SWANK a huge advantage over the competition. The characteristically lightweight and comfortable frames are made from Grilamid TR-90. Hydrophilic rubber nose pads are soft for comfort and increase their grip the more you sweat.  New Tifosi Glide technology helps SWANK slide on easily without pulling hair and ensures the glasses stay in place while you focus on performing at your best. An integrated hinge keeps the frame sleek and helps them hold their shape, guaranteeing long years of use. Optical quality, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection will protect you from the elements while projecting your style.

Perfect for running a marathon or running your life, SWANK offers many features of a hi-tech sunglass while looking perfectly comfortable in any environment.

For more information, visit

Fast Company Honors Arccos Golf as One of the World's Most Innovative Companies 2018

(STAMFORD, Conn.) – Arccos Golf announced that it has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018,” ranking #3 in the Sports sector based on the success of Arccos Caddie, golf’s first artificial intelligence platform.

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie shows a player their optimal strategy on any hole in the world. Its AI engine is fueled by golf’s richest data set, which includes over 100 million shots hit during 750,000+ rounds played by the Arccos community, and 418 million GPS mapping data points on 40,000+ courses worldwide. Arccos Caddie also considers a player’s personal shot history, the course elevation, and weather conditions. It was recently declared Permitted Under the Rules of Golf, according to USGA decision #2017-0754.

“Arccos’ mission is to combine automatic data capture and artificial intelligence to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores,” says Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. “In conjunction with the launch of Arccos Caddie, our users lowered their handicap by an average of 3.55 strokes in 2017. That’s 46.7x faster than the average player with a USGA handicap, and a huge testament to the fact that we are truly on the right track.”

Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies (MIC) issue recognizes pioneering companies across 36 categories, from sport to artificial intelligence to virtual reality. More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of companies—many of which were identified by a new MIC submission process—to create these lists.

Most Innovative Companies is Fast Company’s signature franchise and one of its most highly anticipated editorial efforts of the year. It provides both a snapshot and a road map for the future of innovation across the most dynamic sectors of the economy. The top 10 companies on this year’s list are: (1.) Apple, (2.) Netflix, (3.) Square, (4.) Tencent, (5.) Amazon, (6.) Patagonia, (7.) CVS Health, (8.) Washington Post Company, (9.) Spotify, and (10.) NBA.

“This year’s MIC list is an inspiring and insightful window into how many companies have embraced innovation and are working to make meaningful change,” said Fast Company deputy editor David Lidsky, who oversaw the issue with senior editor Amy Farley.

Arccos Caddie is offered as a premium upgrade to the Arccos 360 platform. Tiered pricing – $7.99/month, $39.99/six months, $49.99/12 months – allows users to choose the subscription option which bests suits their needs.

“The PGA TOUR has done a great job of using advanced analytics to help its players practice and perform their best. At other levels of the game, capturing the necessary on-course data has been a real challenge,” said Mike Downey, Director, Principal Evangelist – Sports at Microsoft. “Arccos has cracked that code and built a robust data set which they’re deploying via the Microsoft Azure cloud to the benefit of golfers worldwide.”

In addition to Microsoft, Arccos’ official partners include Cobra Puma Golf, which recently launched golf’s first smart set, Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos. As part of this ongoing collaboration, every club in the Cobra KING F8 line features an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip. This helps players improve faster by automatically tracking and receiving actionable insights for every aspect of their game.

“At COBRA PUMA GOLF, we believe COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos is a game-changer for the golf industry. Thanks to our partnership with Arccos we are putting the first ‘smart set’ of clubs in the hands of golfers of all levels, helping them play better golf and have more fun while doing so,” said Bob Philion, President of PUMA North America and COBRA PUMA GOLF. “We truly believe that ‘smart’ clubs are the future and utilizing Tour level analytics will help golfers make smarter decisions on course, practice more efficiently, and ultimately improve their performance. We’re truly excited about the continued partnership with Arccos.”

For more information, visit:

Noblesville Artist’s Work Selected for Display at the Augusta Regional Airport During the 2018 Masters

(NOBLESVILLE, Ind.) – Award-winning Noblesville artist Christine Merchent’s body of work, Ballerinas on the Green, will be featured at the Augusta Regional Airport during the 2018 Masters Tournament.

The Airport’s Art Committee selected Ballerinas on the Green – a fine art photography series that combines classical ballet themes on a golf course backdrop – to be featured April – June. The 2018 Masters Tournament will be hosted at Augusta National Golf Club April 2 – 8.

“The Augusta Regional Airport is thrilled to have Mrs. Merchent’s work on display during Masters week. Her portrait style will not only attract attention from golf fans, but the dance community as well. The Airport Art Committee thought the Airport would be the perfect venue to highlight her creative talent,” said Lauren Smith, spokesperson for the Augusta Regional Airport.

Augusta National does not release ticket sales, but it is estimated that over 250,000 visitors attend each year. Many of those visitors will see five pieces from Merchent’s Ballerinas on the Green as they pass through the Augusta Airport.

Merchent’s passion for sports, particularly golf, comes from spending countless hours watching and photographing her son who plays golf for Noblesville High School. Merchent and her husband own Purgatory Golf Club that is managed by Billy Casper Golf, its namesake having won the 1970 Masters Tournament.

“The golf course is my studio. Replacing golfers with ballerinas makes it a fantasy. But because every other element in the art is so true to the game, it feels like it could happen. The project as a whole also highlighted two very different junior sports,” Merchent said.

Merchent is the first to approach fine art photography pairing ballerinas and golfers together on a golf course. She studied over 21,000 junior golf images to develop the stories that she brought to life with the project. The body of work features Noblesville High School golfers and local ballerinas all shot at Purgatory Golf Club.

“To start with, the poses she caught of the golfers and dancers are beautiful and the colors spectacular,” said Indiana PGA Executive Director, Mike David, one of the first to view the artwork. “But I was overwhelmed by the similarities between dance and golf. At first, I was kind of taken aback by how two totally opposite sports are on the same playing field. But the more you look the more you see the grace and beauty and how the two naturally tie together. You have a whole new understanding and appreciation of both sports. It does almost seem natural, having the two together.”

Ron Kern, Golf Course Architect of Purgatory Golf Club, who is also a photographer says, “Christine Merchent’s photographs captures the essence and spirit of two quite different pursuits, the art of ballet and the game of golf.  Merchent’s body of work blends ballet and golf into a beautiful tandem through intelligent visualization and a sympathetic and creative use of light.”

Merchent was named the 2017 Nickel Plate Arts Artist of the Year and was also juried into the prestigious 2017 Center Santa Fe Review. In 2014, Merchent was recognized as a Top Ten Photographer in the state of Indiana that was awarded by the Indianapolis Professional Photographer’s Guild, and the Indiana State Fair for overall print case score. In 2015, she was recognized by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) International Photographic Competition (IPC).

The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort Enhances Golf Experience with Cobra Performance Center

A golf experience unlike any other in Latin America for golf enthusiasts and beginners

(Rio Hato, Panama) – The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, set within the Buenaventura resort community among lush, tropical gardens by the Pacific Ocean, offers a one-of-a-kind golf experience for advanced players, as well as beginners, with the only Cobra Performance Center in Latin America. Available to guests of The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, the hotel is offering a Golf & Spa package starting at $399 per night, which includes unlimited golf per day and a spa treatment for two.

The centerpiece of the Buenaventura golf course is the ultra-advanced, Cobra Performance Center where players dissect every stroke and design a plan to improve their game through technology that tracks movement from shoulder to feet, by using body sensors that determine point of gravity and tracks their stroke. The GEARS technology within the center includes high-speed cameras, calibration tools, suits, markers and club mounts – all of which determine the range of motion. Players can learn and perfect their swing as the technology gathers data in 3D with more than 600 images per swing and analyzes their full body position along with the swing’s path, impact location, club head speed and much more. The training takes an hour and a half with instructors providing feedback on how to make the best of the data.

“The Cobra Performance Center is what makes the experience at our golf course so unique,” said Miguel Marin Casero, director of golf and PGA professional.  “The body sensors replicate the body movements and the GEARS technology provides hard data measuring the entire swing as it unfolds, helping players improve their swing to make that perfect golf shot.”

The breathtaking 18-hole Nicklaus-design par-72 championship course is home to one of the only two in Panama and is managed by the world’s largest golf management company, Troon.  Designed within a seaside community, the Buenaventura’s golf course incorporates the surrounding water and lush environment within its 123 acres. With more than 110 unique water bunkers set around the course and 300 mature Corotu trees strategically placed throughout the landscape, the golf course provides both a stunning atmosphere and a challenging game. Players who appreciate a difficult hole will enjoy the course’s signature hole 16, which is set between two, large Corotu trees that are difficult to maneuver. Golfers wanting to perfect their skills can take advantage of the driving range with plenty of spots to hit from natural grass along with a short game, chipping and putting green for practicing in between games.

After training, players can relax at the club house, a repurposed and luxuriously upgraded stable once used for the community’s horses. Food, drinks, and wine are available at the club house’s Hoyo 19 snack bar.

Recently named ‘Best Golf Couse in Panama’ by Golf Digest, the Buenaventura golf course also provides a Kids Clinic on weekends to help introduce children to the game or help them improve their game. The golf clinic designed for children ages four to 18 includes golf fundamentals from six important aspects: grip, stance, alignment, posture, ball position and dynamics and also introduces rules and etiquette and a variety of golf skills.

For more information visit